This has to be some of the best news in a long time for the neighborhood.


Alternate Side Parking Regulations Suspended in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn Starting May 18 for Six to Eight Weeks as DOT Posts New, Reduced Street-Cleaning Restrictions Release # 09-020

Suspension is the first of three phases for neighborhoods in Community District 2

Effective Monday, May 18, 2009, Street Cleaning/Alternate Side Parking Regulations will be temporarily suspended in the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill sections of Brooklyn’s Community District 2 for approximately six to eight weeks as the Department of Transportation (DOT) installs approximately 2,000 signs with new, reduced regulations. In most cases, daytime residential street cleaning parking restrictions will be reduced from twice a week to just once a week to ease parking for local residents. On commercial corridors, some streets will now be cleaned more often and regulations will be better coordinated to help ensure some curbside parking for local shoppers. The new rules were established by the Department of Sanitation at the request of Community Board 2. Changes for the rest of the district will occur in two additional phases, which will be announced over the summer.


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Car Alarm Nuisance

Seen on a car on Waverly Avenue between Mrytle and Willoughby. This pic was taken a few months ago.


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My wife went in for a touch up to her extended nails. The owner Tricialee Riley told her that the nail extensions needed to be replaced and that she would offer them at the removal and the new set at 50% off.

She asked my wife to come in yesterday and get her old extensions removed and also set up an appointment for today to put on the new ones.

Yesterday the lady who was removing them took an hour to remove them. So my wife paid 50% of the rate of 10$ and left.

Today morning the owner calls up and says that the removal took too long etc and now she will not offer the 50% discount.

When my wife told her that this is not an hourly rate job but a service provided and if her lady took an hour, she is not to be blamed for it.

The owner told her, to either pay full price today or cancel the appointment. My wife canceled the appointment. The money involved is not the issue here. Principle is.

To summarize

a) The owner of Polish Bar of Brooklyn did not tell my wife that you did not have the requisite experience and expertise to deal with her nail extensions. If you did not possess the technical know how, say so. Don’t lead her on a wild goose chase just to get her business.

b) If you agree to do a job, do it till the end. Don’t quit on the customer half way and tell them to find their own way after you screw up.

c) If you offer a discount, stick to it. The actual cost of the services is not the issue. The principles are.

The owner was obnoxious and for sure, my wife will never go to this place again.
As a note, my wife says that this place is way more expensive than its Manhattan equals.

And with that extra money you pay, you would at least hope to get a reasonable decent owner, who is interested in doing business and not shafting the customer.

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NYTimes Introduces a Local Clinton Hill Blog

The NYTimes introduces a local Fort Greene-Clinton Hill blog.

This is a testament to our neighborhood getting its own seat of prominence.

So, without wasting time, hop on over.


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Selfish Drivers

Finding parking in the nabe has got unbearably bad over the past couple of years.
And what makes it worse is really selfish drivers. On many an occasion i have seen cars parked a few feet away from the end of the block. Surely no car was parked there earlier that warranted the car to be parked the way it is. Have two cars like this in a row and for every three spots you have just two cars parked.

Just last week and again today, I see someone parking their car bang in the middle of two open spots. In both cases I had to pull up and ask them to move their car back or front so I could also park. If I was not there at that instant, they would have just parked and gone away.

I realize there is no rule to force them to park so as not to take up two vacant spots, but isnt it the right thing to do.

The guy today who parked was already out of his car and then made a big fuss about getting back in. However I have a big SUV (ok ok I know!) and he realized that one way or the other I was going to try to squeeze in and would invariably bump his car. Only then did he get in his car and pull back freeing up one entire car parking spot.

Other than dismissing these drivers as assholes, is there something that can be done. Or does one just swallow it and move on ?

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An email pops in today from Reaghan Roper at MWW Group. It is a press release. This was in response to my post about FreshDirect [1] [2]. One of criticism was that FreshDirect was selective in which neighborhoods it delivers to.

And the press release continues to say

Leading Online Grocer Now Delivering to Residents in Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Red Hook and More

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz Welcomes FreshDirect Delivery

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY – April 17, 2008 – FreshDirect, one of the nation’s leading online gourmet grocers and prepared food purveyors, announced today its plans to heed growing customer demand and expand its delivery services to reach the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bedford Stuyvesant (“Bed Stuy”), Crown Heights, Red Hook and more. The new delivery areas are now open for delivery service, giving residents a whole new way to shop for the best in fresh produce, competitively priced groceries, and mouthwatering prepared food.

Communities in these neighborhoods can now choose from FreshDirect’s extensive product offering, featuring fresh foods and groceries, bulk items, local and organic produce and chef-prepared 4-Minute and Ready-to-Cook Meals. These neighborhoods add to a growing number of Brooklyn communities currently serviced by FreshDirect. In addition to Brooklyn, FreshDirect successfully operates throughout Manhattan and Queens as well as select areas in Staten Island, Westchester, Nassau County, and New Jersey.

It took a long long time for FreshDirect to correct its “social” injustice. Well better late than never. Welcome FD to BS….

PS….here you can see pics [1] [2] of Marty Markowitz sucking up to FD officials.

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Today was the first Sunday of the Brooklyn Flea for the year 2008. Brooklyn Flea is a flea market that meets every Sunday at Lafayette Avenue at the corner of Cleremont in Clinton Hill. From the pictures below you will see that the fair was packed today, the gusty winds not withstanding. is the official site if you want to participate as a vendor in the future.

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Saira Jacob: Recent Works

Local resident and a very good friend of this blog Saira Jacob is having her second public exhibition of paintings. The exhibition opening is today. Details below. More samples of her work on

Hope to see you all there.

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Join the Junior League of Brooklyn

Do you love Brooklyn? Do you want to help make it better? Join the Junior League of Brooklyn

This is a press release from the Junior League of Brooklyn

The Junior League of Brooklyn has been serving the needs of women and children for over 97 years. We are a 100% volunteer-run, non-profit organization of women, dedicated to making this borough a better place to live. We are also a great way to learn more about Brooklyn and meet some of your dynamic neighbors.

The Junior League of Brooklyn: Women Building Better Communities

Who Are We?

The Junior League of Brooklyn (JLB) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. The Junior League of Brooklyn reaches out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism.

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Food Co-op in Clinton Hill Could Become a Reality

Via Brownstoner I came across a new blog set up by people who are interested in starting a Food Co-op in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill.

Check out the blog and sign up if you are interested.

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