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Lower Standards at Retail Chains

Everytime I go to retail chains here in Clinton Hill, its always a strugggle to get the customer service reps to be helpful. In most cases they could care less. I get the attitude that I am somehow disturbing them by asking them a question about something sold in their store. The biggest defaulter is […]

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Why No Credit Cards

I generally prefer to pay for anything and everything with plastic. Its just more convenient for me, because I don’t have to go to an ATM every so often for cash. There are times when I go for a week or two with no cash and only use my credit or debit card. Of course […]

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Ganz Discount Dry Cleaners

Yesterday I went to drop off some laundry…coats, comforter etc to Ganz Cleaners and found out that it had shut down. Ganz was located close to the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Willoughby and Flushing. The laundry is now under new management. And they are not “Discount” as their awning billboard announces. Looks like they bought […]

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