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Saira Jacob: Recent Works

Local resident and a very good friend of this blog Saira Jacob is having her second public exhibition of paintings. The exhibition opening is today. Details below. More samples of her work on Hope to see you all there.

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Helvetica Movie at Pratt

Helvetica celebrates the 50th anniversary of this most ubiquitous typeface. From urban spaces to emails, Helvetica presides over our everyday and cultural landscapes, and still elicits strong reactions from designers. According to the Sept. 12 New York Times, “The film’s provocative, lively interviews with graphic designers and theorists . . . assess Helvetica’s impact on […]

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Cambodia On My Mind at Smooch

Cambodia On My Mind: Photographs by Amir Ebrahimi is a photo exhibition going on at Smooch. “Cambo on my mind” is a series of images taken while visiting my brother in Cambodia the summer of 2006. My brother, Nader Ebrahimi, has been a huge influence in my life. My move from San Francisco to New […]

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Barnes and Noble Coming on Myrtle ?

Just heard from a broker friend that Barnes and Noble might be signing a lease to open shop on Myrtle Avenue at Carlton Avenue. I tried to find out more but could not get more info out of him. Also nothing shows up on the internet search avenue. Anyone having any more info on this […]

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Brooklyn Book Festival

The Brooklyn Book Festival, held on September 16, 2006 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., will celebrate Brooklyn’s thriving and diverse literary community and its rich history as a home and inspiration for authors. From Williamsburg to Bedford-Stuyvesant, Park Slope and Brighton Beach, Brooklyn is home to authors, literary magazines and publishers. Brooklyn Book Festival: […]

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Postcards from Clinton Hill

If you want to send postcards of your favourite neighborhood to all your family and friends, then look no further. Image copyright IPV Studio IPV studio has a great collection of postcards that can be bought online. IraPeripheralVision (IPV) is a local design studio run by two architects who decided to shift lines since 1983. […]

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