Lower Standards at Retail Chains

Everytime I go to retail chains here in Clinton Hill, its always a strugggle to get the customer service reps to be helpful. In most cases they could care less. I get the attitude that I am somehow disturbing them by asking them a question about something sold in their store. The biggest defaulter is Home Depot. I think the guys who work there are unknowledgeable about the products, lazy and lethargic, and could care less. And the women, well not to be prejudiced, but they are pure bitchy. Many a times, I have observed them laughing away at a customer after they give them some bullshit and turn them away.

The scenario is the same at Macy’s Brooklyn, Office Depot at the Atlantic Avenue Mall and the Pathmark at the same location.

This post was inspired by an interesting discussion going on at the Brooklynian. Check it out and voice your woes

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3 Responses to “Lower Standards at Retail Chains”

  1. 1 Gabe

    I agree with you but I think it’s pretty endemic to NYC on the whole. I’m from suburban Washington DC and it just seems that in the suburbs, the standard of customer service is a little higher.

    For years I’ve tried to articulate what it is about chain stores in NYC that makes them so unpleasant to go to (in terms of employees). But I haven’t managed to put it into words.

    Chain store employees in NYC just seem to care a lot less.

    I hear you.

  2. 2 I am not Star Jones

    It’s unfortunate but pride in offering a professional work ethic is
    a vanishing quality in today’s america.

    the corporate truth of not caring about consumers has infected all levels and it shows.

  3. 3 boz1200

    AMEN!! The customer service in NYC in general is just HORRIBLE. Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, PetCo, Home Depot… you name it! Back home (I’m from Maine) people go out of their way to help you find what you need. Here — when you ask a question — you feel like you just asked them what the cure for cancer is. I get the sense from most retail employees in NYC that they are simply there to get a pay check — and that’s it. They show up for their shift and leave when it’s over. Anything in between (including customer questions) is just a hurdle in their day.

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