New residents

This past week has seen a huge influx of new residents in the neighborhood. They come from all over the world and all part of the country.

In case you are wondering who they are….well they are the students at Pratt Institute. My alma mater had its orientation week today at the start of the Academic Year 2006-07.

I remember fondly this week 8 years ago when I first came to Pratt as a student in the Graduate Program. Clinton Hill was very different then. Definitely not the gentrified neighborhood we are becoming now.

During our orientation we were clearly told not to venture out to Myrtle Avenue at night. Of course I missed that announcement. And one night at 2 am, feeling hungry while working in the design studio, I find my way to White Castle. Have my fill and get back to work. The next day I hear that there was some drive by shooting on the same block as White Castle. Well such is life.

Things are much better today.

So a big welcome to all the new and returning students. Enjoy the neighborhood

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