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Why No Credit Cards

I generally prefer to pay for anything and everything with plastic. Its just more convenient for me, because I don’t have to go to an ATM every so often for cash. There are times when I go for a week or two with no cash and only use my credit or debit card. Of course using my debit card also allows me to get frequent flier miles that I look forward to.

However in the last two days I encountered two restaurants that don’t accept credit cards.

The first one was Kum Kau Chinese on the corner of Washington and Myrtle. I ordered some take out and go to pick it up. Having always paid by card over there, I proffer my piece of plastic only to be told that they don’t accept cards after 10 pm. WTF. What kind of a policy is that. It was around midnight and I was in no mood to go to a bank and get cash and come back. So I just walked out and picked up food from Sappolo a couple of blocks down. What irked me was their unreasonable policy of not accepting credit cards after some arbitrary cut off time. I’d rather walk out then give my business to them.

The second such place is Rice. I had Saturday brunch there and just when I am about to pay, I am told “we don’t accept credit cards”. Again WTF !! Reluctantly I had to go to the deli next door and get some cash from the ATM. I find it really annoying that a restaurant that wants to be taken seriously does not even offer an amenity that is so standard in today’s life. Firstly their wait staff is a little weird and then they pull this fast one ! I don’t think I am going back to Rice till they change their card policy and hopefully their wait staff too.

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Ganz Discount Dry Cleaners

Yesterday I went to drop off some laundry…coats, comforter etc to Ganz Cleaners and found out that it had shut down. Ganz was located close to the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Willoughby and Flushing. The laundry is now under new management. And they are not “Discount” as their awning billboard announces.

Looks like they bought the place but havent had the time or the cash to change the signage. Which is a little surprising, because they are as expensive if not more than other more conveniently located dry cleaners around.

Ganz, for those who remember it, would pick up and drop off dry cleaning and did work at about 30% less price than other similar establishments.

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A Taste of Bed-Stuy

Bed-Stuy the next nabe over from Clinton Hill, was home to me for over two years. I still miss the neighborhood and its edginess.

As they “Bed-Stuy Do or Die”.

Here is a great video on Bed-Stuy. A must watch.

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Barnes and Noble Coming on Myrtle ?

Just heard from a broker friend that Barnes and Noble might be signing a lease to open shop on Myrtle Avenue at Carlton Avenue. I tried to find out more but could not get more info out of him. Also nothing shows up on the internet search avenue.

Anyone having any more info on this ??

I think it’s great to have a Barnes and Noble in the ‘hood. As much as it is a “big box retailer”, I look forward to a bookstore in the neighborhood where I can walk to.

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Literary Night At Tillies

Literary Night to Benefit Develop Don’t Destroy

Wednesday, October 18 7:30 p.m.

Tillies – 248 DeKalb Ave, corner of Vanderbilt.


Donation suggested.

Jhumpa Lahiri : Pulitzer Prize winning author of Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake

Jennifer Egan : National Book Award Finalist and author of Look At Me and The Keep

Susan Choi : Award winning author of The Foreign Student and American Woman

Diana Son : Acclaimed author of Stop/Kiss and Satellites and head writer for Law and Order SVU.

Sheri Holman : Bestselling author of The Dress Lodger and The Mammoth Cheese

This is a benefit to raise funds for the legal defense of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn. Come show your support and listen to some of New York’s best writers read their work.

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Best Nails Place

This post is a result of a hot debate that ensued last night at a friend’s place.

The missus and some other friends were hotly discussing the best place to get a manicure and pedicure in Clinton Hill. All the women involved traded their war stories.

Purple Nails on Myrtle was for most of them the most convenient. Polish Bar was the new one on the block and is the most expensive. With Manhattan like prices, the place is untested territory amongst all the women at the party. A new place has opened up on Myrtle opposite the Subway at the junction of Vanderbilt. Again, uncharted territory. The one that the missus goes to is Nails Plus and is on Waverly between Lafayette and Greene. Although she has no complaints there, she and all her friends would like to try others.

So, my question to all you Hill-ers…..what is the best manicure and pedicure place ??

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Kinara II disappoints

Last week we announced the sighting and impending opening up of a new Indian restaurant in the neighborhood. Kinara II promised a lot. However it turned out to be not as I had hoped it would.

The missus and I decided to try it out for dinner yesterday, the first day of the restaurant.

The restaurant was only a quarter full around 8:15 pm, but while we were there, a lot of people came in for take outs, so my guess is they did fairly well on the first day.

The décor of the restaurant is as tacky and kitsch as all Indian restaurants of this type. Funny rope lights, and the ubiquitous pictures of the Taj Mahal adors the walls.

The waiters were friendly and the services prompt and fast. However the food was disappointing.

We ordered

1) Paneer Tikka: Tough and bland, the chunks were too big and tough. They lacked spice and marinade. Paneer (cottage cheese) is a very tricky dish to get correct. For the simple reason that it needs to be made fresh and daily. This was clearly frozen paneer and it lacked taste.

2) Cheese and Garlic Parathas: The parathas were warm and freshly baked. However the cheese and garlic were spread over them as an afterthought and not something that should have been integrated in the dough of the bread before baking it.

3) Chicken Makhani: The missus loves this, so we had to order it ! This was the only dish that got passing grades. The curry sauce was too smooth and lacked texture. It was also too sweet. However the chicken was cooked properly and not overdone.

4) Shrimp Biryani: This was another disappointment. Frozen shrimp used in any cooking leaves a very distinct taste. Also in most Indian restaurants they prepare the rice en masse and then just add the meat/chicken/seafood as per order. Therefore the tastes never gel. This was the case here too. Also it came with a smattering of sliced almonds, cashews and raisins on top. That left us both confused as to whether it was Biryani or Pulao.

Verdict: The restaurant was pretty average. It is slightly better than Amin, the other Indian restaurant on Dekalb. However a point to be noted. Both these “Indian” restaurants are run by Bangladeshi cooks. Nothing against Bangladeshi chefs, but frankly they should stick to cooking Bangla food and not tamper with Indian food. Its like asking an Mexican cook to make New England Clam Chowder. You get the point.

If you crave good authentic Indian food, stick to restaurants in Manhattan. There are none in Brooklyn that make the mark. If you are lazy and want a take out, or delivery, then once in a while, Kinara II will serve the purpose. But in any case, do not go in and think that you are getting authentic Indian food. Believe me, I am Indian, and I know what I am talking about.

A view of the interior

Ropelights, Taj Mahal and what have you!

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Bank Of America on Myrtle

There have been substantial rumours that Bank Of America is setting up shop in Clinton Hill. The old Adami Hardware store on the corner of Myrtle and Waverly closed down a few months ago, and moved across the street in a smaller reincarnation.

The rumour mill has it that a Bank of America is coming up there. However the place is boarded up for construction and there is nary a sign or marquee giving a hint of what is coming up there.

What goes ?? Anyone have any pointers ??

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Kinara II: New Indian Restaurant

A new Indian restaurant comes to Clinton Hill. Our neighborhood lacks a good Indian restaurant. The only one, Amin….sucks !! And I am an Indian, and I would know good food from bad.

Kinara II is the new cousin of Kinara, which is in Park Slope. It opens next Friday, September 29th. See you there at dinner time.

Continue reading ‘Kinara II: New Indian Restaurant’

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Local Firemen on The Streets

FortGreeneCourier reports

Area residents were criticizing the city last week for turning a crucial neighborhood fire station into a movie set.

Residents said that they were quite surprised Friday when they passed Engine Company 280 and Ladder Company 132, located at 489 St. John’s Place, to find the fire trucks in the bays replaced with more vintage models.

The firehouse was also renamed – to Ladder Company 223. Signs reading “Engine Company 280,” “Ladder Company 132” and their motto, “In the Eye of the Storm,” had been removed.

It quickly became apparent that Engine Company 280 was rented out to a movie company filming the flick, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” a comedy starring Adam Sandler.

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