Selfish Drivers

Finding parking in the nabe has got unbearably bad over the past couple of years.
And what makes it worse is really selfish drivers. On many an occasion i have seen cars parked a few feet away from the end of the block. Surely no car was parked there earlier that warranted the car to be parked the way it is. Have two cars like this in a row and for every three spots you have just two cars parked.

Just last week and again today, I see someone parking their car bang in the middle of two open spots. In both cases I had to pull up and ask them to move their car back or front so I could also park. If I was not there at that instant, they would have just parked and gone away.

I realize there is no rule to force them to park so as not to take up two vacant spots, but isnt it the right thing to do.

The guy today who parked was already out of his car and then made a big fuss about getting back in. However I have a big SUV (ok ok I know!) and he realized that one way or the other I was going to try to squeeze in and would invariably bump his car. Only then did he get in his car and pull back freeing up one entire car parking spot.

Other than dismissing these drivers as assholes, is there something that can be done. Or does one just swallow it and move on ?

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2 Responses to “Selfish Drivers”

  1. 1 dc

    I think it’s just how some people are raised and you aren’t going to be able to change that. I feel that I’m being considerate when I park because I’ll almost tailgate the car in front of me to leave room for another car. Others might think I’m just being an ass making it harder for them to get out of the spot. People have different views…

    Car etiquette in Brooklyn is atrocious.

  2. 2 brewpez

    Since you have a SUV, use it adp “push” them forward…:=) … or you could just “key” them.Just kidding.

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