Best Nails Place

This post is a result of a hot debate that ensued last night at a friend’s place.

The missus and some other friends were hotly discussing the best place to get a manicure and pedicure in Clinton Hill. All the women involved traded their war stories.

Purple Nails on Myrtle was for most of them the most convenient. Polish Bar was the new one on the block and is the most expensive. With Manhattan like prices, the place is untested territory amongst all the women at the party. A new place has opened up on Myrtle opposite the Subway at the junction of Vanderbilt. Again, uncharted territory. The one that the missus goes to is Nails Plus and is on Waverly between Lafayette and Greene. Although she has no complaints there, she and all her friends would like to try others.

So, my question to all you Hill-ers…..what is the best manicure and pedicure place ??


One response to “Best Nails Place”

  1. I was Googling for a good manicure place in Clinton Hill or Park Slope and came across your query here. Too bad nobody answered, I’d love to know. But I did search for your missus’s place and there was no Nails Plus to be found on the block you describe. Sleuth-y searching turned up a Charming Nails & Spa at 349 Waverly Ave, (718) 638-5320. Could that be the one she goes to?