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Image Copyrights: The Gothamist FreshDirect trucks plying all around the city is now a city staple. Like the yellow cab and the hotdog vendor it is part and parcel of New York life. When FreshDirect started out, it served Manhattan initially and slowly spread to the outer boroughs. This inspite of the fact that its […]

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Kinara II disappoints

Last week we announced the sighting and impending opening up of a new Indian restaurant in the neighborhood. Kinara II promised a lot. However it turned out to be not as I had hoped it would. The missus and I decided to try it out for dinner yesterday, the first day of the restaurant. The […]

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Red Bamboo Disappoints

Last night we wanted to try out the Red Bamboo, and ventured into the restaurant. Sadly the experience was nothing that I expected. Red Bamboo opened up a while ago in the same place where Butta Cup Lounge used to be. That was always a favorite of mine, and so when it closed down Red […]

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