Errant Pedestrain Causes a Three Car Crash

Today while having breakfast at one of my favorite places RICE (review to follow) I was a witness to a 3 car fender bender. Sitting in the shop front window at Rice, I was looking out of the window staring at the world go by. A 20-something woman crosses DeKalb even though the light requested her to stop. Another woman was talking on her cell and driving her car, and saw this pedestrian at the last moment and slammed on the brakes.

Baaam !! A loud noise as a second car banged into the first one and a Ford Explorer gave the final thump. The car in the middle got it from the front and the back (no pun intended).

The pedestrian stands there and smiles away in bewilderement at what she had caused. The driver in the second car had her head in her hands, ruing the fact that she was caught in this. A passing patrol car blared its sirens and was there literally two minutes after the crash. As soon as the pedestrian saw the cop car, she darted off.

I agree that if the driver of the first car was not talking on the cell she could have watched out for the pedestrian. But I would put a lot of blame on the pedestrian. And I think it was the pedestrian’s moral duty to wait and be there for an incident that she had caused.

Three more police cars would come at varying times in the whole incident and the driver of the second car had to be taken by ambulance to the emergency room for a foot injury she sustained.

All in all a very sad and depressing saturday morning for three cars and their drivers.

Thank god no lives were lost and no one was terribly injured ( I hope!!)

2 responses to “Errant Pedestrain Causes a Three Car Crash”

  1. I live right around the corner from there and have witnessed/heard about four or five crashes there over the past two years. Cars fly down DeKalb at 40/50 miles an hour, and also sail down Washington Park (which turns into Cumberland). If people persist in using DeKalb as if it were a highway, this will keep happening. I’m also glad no one was injured, but drivers get what they deserve.

  2. I completely agree with you.

    Dekalb and Lafayette both are speedways. They are very wide and one way traffic so there is no stopping people zooming by.

    Especially at night.