No Parking Spots Left in Clinton Hill

Today, as of 9:24 pm, Clinton Hill has become devoid of every single parking spot. I got the last one. That too after going around for close to 35 minutes.

As shocking as this statement may sound, let me quantify. Every single parking spot is gone, keeping in mind the alternate side street cleaning rule. Now when we have many more important issues to deal with in everyday life, not the least, the 5 year anniversary of 9/11, why would I bring this issue up.

Well, because if you call this neighbourhood your home, it becomes the single most frustrating part of your every day routine.

What makes it all the more worse is the fact that drivers in the neighborhoods are such bad “parkers”. I could count at least 10 occassions where people could have used common sense and parked such that another car could be parked in. But no, no one wants to make an effort.

Yes, yes all you environmentalist, come out in droves. Scream and shout and say “you deserve it” !! For driving a gas slurping vehicle and doing my bit in reasons why we go to war. But no, stay away. Not today. Dont mess with me. 35 minutes of circling around every single block at least once, is damn frustrating. If you provoke, I will hit out !!

All I want is more parking space. That will be my prayer tonite.


One response to “No Parking Spots Left in Clinton Hill”

  1. Parking is a Bitch…

    Parking in NYC can be a pain in the ass. Especially the dialy moving of cars in my neighborhood. This is due to the alternate side street cleaning.

    The only respite I see from the solution is to somehow get the missus to share in the parking duties. F…