Polish Bar of Brooklyn: Horrible Customer Service

My wife went in for a touch up to her extended nails. The owner Tricialee Riley told her that the nail extensions needed to be replaced and that she would offer them at the removal and the new set at 50% off.

She asked my wife to come in yesterday and get her old extensions removed and also set up an appointment for today to put on the new ones.

Yesterday the lady who was removing them took an hour to remove them. So my wife paid 50% of the rate of 10$ and left.

Today morning the owner calls up and says that the removal took too long etc and now she will not offer the 50% discount.

When my wife told her that this is not an hourly rate job but a service provided and if her lady took an hour, she is not to be blamed for it.

The owner told her, to either pay full price today or cancel the appointment. My wife canceled the appointment. The money involved is not the issue here. Principle is.

To summarize

a) The owner of Polish Bar of Brooklyn did not tell my wife that you did not have the requisite experience and expertise to deal with her nail extensions. If you did not possess the technical know how, say so. Don’t lead her on a wild goose chase just to get her business.

b) If you agree to do a job, do it till the end. Don’t quit on the customer half way and tell them to find their own way after you screw up.

c) If you offer a discount, stick to it. The actual cost of the services is not the issue. The principles are.

The owner was obnoxious and for sure, my wife will never go to this place again.
As a note, my wife says that this place is way more expensive than its Manhattan equals.

And with that extra money you pay, you would at least hope to get a reasonable decent owner, who is interested in doing business and not shafting the customer.


4 responses to “Polish Bar of Brooklyn: Horrible Customer Service”

  1. I have seen polish bar on television but have never been there. I apologize that your wife got horrible service. Thanks for being honest about the polish bar . You are not the only ones to give her business a bad report. Every review written about the polish bar spoke about the ghetto workers and lack of customer service. Before deciding to open a business i believe she should go visit those chinese stores on utica and see how abusiness is truly run! Shame on her.

  2. I have been a nail technician for 15 years. I went into Polish Bar for a pedicure and was not at all satisfied with the customer service. It was mid winter and it’s customary to offer a customer some oil and plastic to wrap their toes so that shoes can be worn without smudging the polish. I had to ask for it and was literally handed the bottle of oil and box of saran wrap to do myself. Also, I have a bith defect on my right foot (nothing gross) but the technician made no bones about showing that she was uncomfortable with performing the service. Lastly, the owner came in as I was being serviced. She did not speak to any of the customers, but just came in and started rearranging furniture, etc. She didn’t ask anyone about their services or even acknowledge that we were there. And the receptionist was young and seemed to not have a clue!

    Don’t worry, I will be opening a salon by the end of 2010 in the Bed Stuy/Clinto Hill area. Aside from experience as a licensed nail technician, I have 12 years of customer service experience as an account manager with a Fortune 20 company. The remedy is coming. Sir, tell your wife that I wear nail extensions and can certainly service her needs.

  3. both of these reviews are BULLSH!T….i am not the owner or a worker at polish bar; however, it is obvious these are obviously lame attempts to sabotage this entrepreneur.

    1. Why is the husband complaining about service he did not see nor was he there to witness this claim of poor service? Why didn’t his wife write the review herself? probably because the account of events did not happen.

    2. @ Tiffany…for you to claim you are a professional you should know your professionalism is to be questioned. It is tacky for one entrepreneur to bad mouth another. rather than pointing out the way she does business you should focus on the benefits of customers paying for your services. you have just put an omen on your business for you foul actions.