Shops Not Accepting Credit Cards

I have come across this trend more and more in recent times.

Shops in our neighborhood dont accept debit or credit cards. On the other hand they install ATM machines in their shops.

A case in point is Conneticut Muffins on the corner of Myrtle and Clinton.

They dont accept credit cards, and there is no sign informing one of that. I orderd a hot choclate and when i gave my card i got the retort back “No credit cards”. And the sick part is that it came with an attitude. I felt as if by offering a CC i was doing a guilty act. I just wanted hot choclate, not attitude.

Another such place is the Dry cleaners on the same block on Myrtle. To be fair though, the employee there said that everyone complains about it but the owner does not care and does not want to do anything.

What’s with this whole no CC issue.

I personally now don’t go to Conneticut Muffins, for that simple reason. I hate to carry cash around and prefer all expenses on my debit card which allows me an easy access to keep tabs on what I spend.

If as a customer I cannot be provided a service, I take my business elsewhere.

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5 responses to “Shops Not Accepting Credit Cards”

  1. That sucks! I never knew that. I also pay by debit card. I don’t like carrying cash around. They all better get with the program. It is a new day in Clinton Hill. What’s with Kum Kaw not accepting cards after 10PM? What weirdness is that? If I am coming out for a late night snack I am definitely not carrying cash.
    I wonder how many other businesses don’t accept cards. Maybe I will do a survey one Sat.

  2. mochanet….any luck with your survey.

    The kum kau no acceptance after 10 pm also sucks big time. I just go to Sapolo and order. Same food, all plastic welcome

  3. For the businesses, its a choice of making money or paying money on the transaction.

    If the business accepts credit / debit cards then the business pays mastercard or whoever $.25 a transaction fee. If the business forces the customer to use the on premises ATM machine, then the business gains a cut of the ATM fee. Then, in addition you the customer gets hit again from your bank for using an out-of-network ATM. So as you can see, the deli ATM is in everone’s best interest but yours.

  4. I understand the rationale of no credit cards, but it still sucks. Cafe Martino on Myrtle between Classon and Emerson DOES accept credit cards. I found it to be a great alternative to Connecticut Muffin when I needed to find somewhere to study on a regular basis, for that and other reasons. That said, I do now try to pay them with cash, knowing that they are a struggling local business (unlike Connecticut Muffin- a chain, no?) and would benefit from keeping more of the profit.

  5. You’re absolutely right, they’re behind the times… But not by that much.

    It has only been three years or so since places like McDonald’s started taking credit cards. These small places will eventually too.

    Basically a business will still love you if you use a credit card for a $10 purchase. But it’s a real consideration for them to start accepting it for a $3 purchase, due to the fees. For Starbucks it’s a joke, but not for small places!