Top of the Food Chain

Sakshi, a tourist from Bombay India is pleasantly surprised that Clinton Hill is not what she expected it to be.

The apartment where my wonderful hosts live is on a quite and neat residential block in Brooklyn. It is a beautiful red brick building with a tinge of ancient era in it. The neighboring buildings are quite unique from one another; some red and some beige, some with modern look and some with an antique one. And then there are some blocks which have same architectural buildings all across. Beautiful trees planted every where, side by side.

However she also goes on to mention the seamier side of Brooklyn

Yes, not all blocks are as rosy as the ones described above. There are the ones that I had been warned about, they simply stand apart. One doesn’t need to know about them in order to point them out, your guts will simply start hammering once you are there.

Reminds me of Howard Stern and his war cry….”Brooooooooklyn, Top of the Fooooood Chain!!”

Check out the entire blogpost and some interesting snaps

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