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The Village Voice featured an article in their August 13th, 2003 issue that takes a close-up view on Clinton Hill. A lot has changed in three years, including the cost of living here !!!

For a look at how Brooklyn’s rich used to live, take a stroll down the mansion rows of Washington Avenue and Clinton Avenue in historic Clinton Hill.

A down-South feeling emanates from some of the front-porched estates, many of which once belonged to navy admirals and industrial bigwigs such as Charles Pratt, the oil baron and philanthropist who founded the neighborhood’s art and trade school Pratt Institute. Of course the neighborhood has evolved.

At social gatherings in the area these days, you’re more likely to hear kids impromptu free-styling to hip-hop than discussions about ships, petroleum, or ironworks. Yes, the Hill keeps it real: filled with green leafy streets and beautiful brownstones, the mansion rows are flanked by the typical Brooklyn mix of barbershops and beauty parlors on Myrtle Avenue and Fulton Street.

Say hi to rogue-ish Pratt students and tip your hat to the bodega owners as you shuffle to the G Train or the bus stop.

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